The proposed follow-up album to Dead Again was dashed when frontman Peter Steele died on April 14, 2010, shortly before the group were going to start making their eighth album in early May 2010. The band had just signed to Napalm Records and they felt really, really excited to start developing their next album after Steele moved back to New York in good health... until Steele suffered an aortic aneurysm and died at age 48 around three weeks before the development was scheduled to begin. About three months after Steele's passing, drummer Johnny Kelly declared that it is impossible to continue Type O Negative without Steele; four months after that, the remaining group members decided to quit the band for good.

Fans wonder what Type O's eighth album would've been like. Some think the album would've been even better than Dead Again, the most popular favorite Type O album. Some think the album would've entered death metal territory with really heavy parts as well as featuring melodic and an assortment of eerie sounds via the keyboards. Some think this would've possibly been a concept album like Slow, Deep and Hard.

If Peter Steele is still alive today, Type O Negative would've got nine studio albums now with the last two being released in 2011 and 2015!

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